Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good News about Perilla!

A company called AOR has a product called AllerControl, in which Perilla is the main ingredient. Here is what their research shows about Perilla:

Perilla frutescens is a plant whose leaves are commonly used as a garnish with raw fish in Japan. It is also used in Chinese herbal medicine. The functional components of perilla are flavonoid aglycones such as luteolin, apigenin, and rosmarinic acid, all of which have been studied for their anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory potential. One study assessed the clinical features of patients with asthma who had been given perilla seed oil for 4 weeks and found that breathing measurements were significantly increased compared to asthmatics who had not been treated.

Another study observed the effects of perilla seed extracts in volunteers with allergic symptoms such as sneezing, nasal obstruction, and itchy skin and eyes. 20 participants were given perilla seed extracts for 2-4 weeks, and their change in symptoms was evaluated. Symptoms were improved in all 20 patients, with significant improvements in sneezing (almost 40%), stuffed nose (over 60%) and itchy eyes (50%).

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